IP Telephony

Highly secure, reliable and scalable communications.

IP telephony provides a way for you to extend highly secure, reliable, and consistent communications services to all your employees whether they are in main campus locations, at branch offices, working remotely, or are mobile. IP telephony transmits voice communications over the network using open-standards-based Internet Protocol.

Al Anwar Computers provide state of the art IP Telephony service to help all businesses optimize public network accesses and calls for their voice traffic whilst leveraging the latest IP-based services.

We can offer you a range of telephone systems from one of the world’s major telephony providers along with our own hosted service.

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Yeastar (My PBX)

MyPBX is a powerful all-in-one system that delivers enterprise-grade functionalities and features to SMBs. On purchasing the unit, you will have all the features at hand without extra cost.

  • Meets the highest Standards with 100 users
  • Basic call handling features
  • Advanced IP-PBX features
  • No licensing fees for full capacity

Yealink (Telephones)

  • Designs the T5 series Smart Media Phones specifically for smart offices.
  • Use the Android operating system and supports a variety of third party office apps.
  • Integrates calendar, browser and email applications, allowing the user to conduct business efficiently.
  • Supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, freeing business from the confines of an office desk and improving flexibility greatly.