Wireless Infrastructure

On-site & Off-site Wireless Communications.

Wireless Infrastructure is the foundation that supports all mobile communications today in communities across the globe.

Fast, reliable wireless capability is now a necessity for every business regardless of size or industry. Al Anwar Computers’ Solutions will help your business achieve:

  • Cutting-edge wireless that is fast, reliable, and secure
  • Seamless connectivity for your automated processes and services
  • Easily accessible wireless for guests and visitors

Our team of experts will work with you to design and implement a wireless infrastructure. That integrates seamlessly to your organization. No matter the size or goals of your business, Al Anwar Computers’ comprehensive support will have you up and running at higher speeds than ever before.

How can we help you?

Indoor Wireless Infrastructure
Our Indoor Wireless Infrastructure Solutions offer key advantages to those who want to expand capacity and coverage—all while keeping expenses low. With Al Anwar Computers, you can deliver superior results: Increase network coverage and capacity, deliver wireless service in hard-to-reach areas, simplify operations and maintenance.
Outdoor Wireless Infrastructure
Based on a high bandwidth fibre backbone. Our solutions are fully shareable and use existing street furniture to promote rapid deployment with minimal disruption. They are fully managed and support high performing 4G/5G services for all mobile operators. That provides a significantly enhanced end user experience.
Access Point Management
Al Anwar Computer’s offers an Access Point Management and control portfolio. That addresses the feature, capacity and architectural requirements of organizations of all types and sizes. Our new platform offers a customer portal providing real time statistics and reporting. Our enriched platform has the ability to set thresholds related to different metrics and provide customers alerts based on their needs.