Structured cabling is the arrangement and foundation of a cabling structure that will maintain different hardware uses and be proper for the current necessities and those of what might be on the horizon. With a precisely presented system, current and future necessities can be met, and hardware that is incorporated in the future will be maintained.

Al Anwar has a professional structured cabling service provider who can install numerous long wires, knowing the length limitations, throughout your building passing other various types of wires and pipes or cords. Our professional also does tasks like drilling, cutting links, and joining jacks. We work properly and appropriately starting with proper planning that fulfills our clients’ needs. We will provide you an improved cabling system going with the latest technological trends. If the client wants, we can provide the entire telephone system and data network on the same cable or network. After installing the cables, we assure you of full management and maintenance by putting in various information that will help you to troubleshoot quickly.